Fun Facts

Cedar Valley Baconfest - Saturday March 24th, 2018 - McElroy Auditorium, Waterloo

Fun Facts

Did you know…

  • The original “Baconnaise” recipe is Vegetarian (does this bother anyone else?)
  • Bacon is addictive as it contains six types of umami, which produces an addictive neurochemical response
  • Each year in the United States nearly 1.7 billion pounds of bacon is consumed in food service
  • Many claim that bacon cures hangovers
  • 69% of food service operators around the World serve bacon
  • The price of pork bellies (where your bacon most likely comes from) is the highest it has been since 1988
  • Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history dating back to as early as 1500 B.C. when the Chinese began salting pork bellies
  • Canadian Bacon is not technically bacon, nor is it originally Canadian. It is fully-cooked smoked pork loin, and there are many different theories of its country of origin
  • Pregnant women should eat bacon (crazy but true). The compound choline, which is found in bacon, helps fetal brain development
  • Bacon and eggs are eaten together 71% of the time, which means they’re eaten separately 29% of the time
  • Worldwide studies consistently show that bacon appeals to males slightly more than females
  • Bacon is consumed at breakfast an average of 12 times per person per year
  • A 250 pound pork bellied pig yields approximately 23 pounds of bacon
  • Bacon accounts for 19% of all pork eaten in the home
  • Bacon consumption occurs 59% during weekdays and 41% on the weekends (we’re out to skew this number slightly as our event is on a Saturday)
  • People over the age of 32 make up most bacon consumption
  • More than half of all homes, roughly 53%, keep bacon on hand at all times

Sponsors of Cedar Valley Baconfest

US Cellular
Iowa Beef Council
Hormel Foods
Bud Light
Black Hawk County Pork Producers